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Habbit Hotel

Screen Shots
Credits & Furni

Hey there!
Habbit Hotel is a version of Habbo Hotel, However no payments are needed. You recieve all free credits! These credits are completly free and are can be sent from Habbit to Habbo Hotel.
The New habbit is very much like the normal habbo. There are plenty of Competitions to enter, which you can win very large furni backs. After logging in to Habbit Hotel, just visit the "Competition Lobby" to enter these great Competitions!!.
Are you sick of the stupid rules on Habbo Hotel?, well good news for you!, all the unfair rules set by "MODS" are gone!. On new Habbit we don't hold gudges! means no un-fair bans!
To Login to Habbit Hotel just click on the "login" Tab in Navigation.
We assure you that you are going to love this new Habbit Hotel!.
Freeze (Hotel MOD"


Brand New Habbo, All free credits and no payments! Habbit Hotel C. Rights reserved.